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Posted on May 8, 2013 in Holiday, Slider, The Very Latest | 1 comment

Custom Bouquet Wrap

Custom Bouquet Wrap

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, but there is still time to customize décor or a gift for your celebratory gathering. The black-and-white collages we created with childhood photos can be copied onto photo paper and framed to make centerpieces for the table, but we’re particularly taken with the idea of personalized “newspaper” for wrapping a bouquet of store-bought flowers. See how easy it is to fashion a vintage-looking bouquet wrap that is sure to bring a smile to your mom.


Gather childhood photos of you and your siblings, and lay your eight favorite shots side-to-side with no white space between them. Photocopy onto two 11 x 17” sheets of paper.


Make a cone with one sheet and secure with tape.


Make a cone with the remaining sheet, but do not secure with tape.


Insert the untapped cone into the secured cone and release.


Tightly wrap the stems of your floral bouquet with a paper towel and secure with rubber bands, then wrap with a half-sheet of regular newspaper. (This step prevents moisture from getting onto your custom paper.) Insert the bound bouquet into your wrapper.


Voilà! Your custom bouquet is complete.

1 Comment


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