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Posted on Aug 20, 2013 in Holiday, Slider | 0 comments

Summer Whites Party: Décor Ideas

Summer Whites Party: Décor Ideas

Décor for a white party becomes quite simple when you follow one rule: stick to white! For our Summer Whites party hosted by Kelly Golightly, we channeled The Great Gatsby with an elegant lawn party held at a tony park in Los Angeles. Surrounded by  some of the world’s most exclusive residences, the park had its perks: the location was free as well as beautiful. However, your own backyard would be just as lovely a venue for a Summer Whites party, so don’t feel the need to stray far from home — just draw inspiration from Kelly’s décor and style your own beautiful Labor Day soiree. Photos by Fred Baby and Tom Hao

For seating, picnic blankets were created by first placing large drop cloths on the lawn. Next, Kelly placed duvets on top of the drop cloths, followed by a final layer: large white sheets for easy-but-elegant seating. To keep corners held in place, vintage picnic baskets were added, which also invoked a Gatsby garden-party vibe. A few white pillows and silver and white trays added to the décor, while creating an inviting space for guests to enjoy refreshments.

Beautiful white paper parasols provided shade from the sun and made ideal props for photos, and paper fans gave guests an option for cooling off while also contributing to the elegance of the overall ambiance.

Swan planters were fashioned as ice buckets and held miniature bottles of sparkling lemon-flavored water.

A white table held food and drinks beautifully presented on simple trays, cake stands, and serving bowls.

summer_whites_croquetCroquet provided a fun activity and continued with the lawn-party theme.

summer_whites_sceneComing up: Get ideas and inspiration for fashion, food, and drinks!

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