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Posted on Aug 1, 2013 in Together Thursdays | 0 comments

Socialize Over Sushi

Socialize Over Sushi

The fact that it’s Thursday is reason enough to get your chums together for a night out. It’s practically Friday, and since people don’t typically have Thursday-night plans, your odds of having a good turnout are great. Plus, getting people to meet at an eatery is the easiest type of entertaining there is — all you need to do is choose a place and then get the word out.

The chance to shoot the breeze over sushi is a fantastic incentive for people to get together, and if you word your invite right, your pals will be hard pressed to turn it down. Take a look at the wording options below, and then get going on your Sushi Social invitation — the clock is ticking!

Pointing out that your friends are probably free that night can be quite the motivator. It’s Thursday! They don’t have plans! (Unless they already planned their own Together Thursday and didn’t invite you.) A tongue-in-cheek reminder that they might otherwise be spending the evening alone is good for a solid nudge towards the door.



Some people need only be reminded that the act of cooking (and cleanup) awaits them at home. Encouraging them to bring someone along lets them share the gift of eluding household drudgery and increases the odds of a good turnout.



Everyone in a funk lately? Encouraging your chums to abandon their troubles for a night is just the thing to cheer you all up. Absolving any fears of needing to get dressed up and be charming on a week night can go a long way towards encouraging people to join you, so make sure it’s clear that they can come as they are.


How are you wording your Together Thursday invitation? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out all of our dinner invitations.

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